Literature of Iran

Tahereh Safar-zadeh


Tahereh Safar-zadeh (1938)

The Passenger of Moonlight, The Red Umbrella, the Echo of Delta, The Dam and the Arms, The Fifth Journey, Movement and Yesterday, Allegiance with Awakening, The Circular Men and Meeting at Morning

The Meaning of Day, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
To dwell in this night which is whiter than the day,
A day which invents minutes of meaning,
- The water is a detergent
Which until dawn
Washes away
In its boundless stream
The dust of the memory of the vigil
From this old and polluted world.

With tearful eyes,
From the window to the elevated garden,
From the window to a lofty garden,
In the infinity of this stream your stature,
Will grow colorless.
On the fixed wings of God's bestowing 
With the favor of this most benevolent night,
You will pass
From every window,
From every outlet,
From every obstruction,
Without caution,
Free of anxiety
You will ascend,
Fly to your beloved from the depth of your heart


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