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Siavosh Kasrai


Siavosh Kasrai (1927-1997)

Kasrai graduated from Tehran University, Faculty of Law. A native of Isfahan, his first collection of poetry was published in 1957. His second book, Arash the Archer (1959), brought him immediate fame. This epic narrative, based on ancient Persian myth, depicts Arash's heroic sacrifice to liberate his country from foreign domination. 

In his historical stories, Kasrai demonstrates a clear sense of class-consciousness. Kasrai's basic impulse was lyric, rather than epic.

He reflects his individual personality in his poems. He has composed many revolutionary poems, which has served as anthem for political parties.

The Melody, Arash the Archer, Siavosh's Blood, The Stone and the Dew, With Silent Damavand, Homely, Red as Fire, and Testing Smoke, From Game Reserve to Cock's Singing, Arise Iran!, America, America

The Iranian Dance, Translated to English by Manavaz Alexandrian
Like the white flowers of morning,
In the bosom of darkness,

Rise and take off your shirt,
Open the knot from your sleeping tresses,
Be charming,
Be truant and coy,
Like the perfume of the song which falls from my lyre,
Spread calmly and immerse into the cloud.

Hold your hairs by the tip of your fingers,
Fix your gaze on my eye and turn aside,
Compose yourself,
Tie your brilliant arms and open up,
Knock your two feet on the ground, let them go,
Fly, fly, turn wild,
Stay away from friends,
Arise from the flame like the smoke of nocturnal candle,
Let your flying hairs dance with winds,
Now do it,
Now cease to do it,
Sink in the light like dancing shadows,
Like the foot of illumination, sink into shadows.

Now snap the bell on your finger,
Mix the harmony and the melody,
Do not rest;
Now take a lyre
Face every gate,
Look at every direction,
Pause beside each rock,
Dance and fill the town with clamor,
Hold your skirt and shape it into a basket,
Gather stars in your skirt and sift them,
Look at God in the sky,
If you didn't see God,
Then come toward me...

I seek you fatigued,
I seek you in the cup of wine,
Fly away!,
Dance sensuous on the string of my rhubarb,
When you grow drunkard and restless
Like flowers sliding on the water,
Scatter yourself on the waves of my wine.


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