Literature of Iran

Shams Langaroudi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Shams Langaroudi (Mohammad Taqi Javaheri Guilani) (1951)

Born in Langaroud, Shams Langaroudi obtained his BS degree in the field of economy and commerce. A poet, researcher and novelist, Langaroudi has worked as instructor, editor, cultural expert, university lecture, and expert in child literature and his latest research work is an analytical history of modern poetry.

Shams started his debut as a lyrist and his first poems were quintets and couplets, which he published in 1967. Since 1971, the poet turned to blank verse, imitating Shamlou, but in later years he has detached himself from Shamlou and has acquired an independent style.

Thirsty Behavior, in the World's Moonlight, The Gray and the Lady, An Unseen Feast and The Elegies of Fissured Smile

I See the Sea... Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I see the sea recedes,
It grows smaller
So that it cannot be contained in my hand;

And I
Can hear the sound of flying fishes,
The coughing of dead sailors, burning whales,
Frozen mermaids, the horses and the wind
The white ivies of the sea,
And strange drowned persons who have forgotten their human voice.

I see
The sea recedes,
Grows smaller,
The hopeless beating of the oars,
Foaming boats,
Frozen shades,
Salty shops, 
The disappointed wretches left behind on the sea shores...

O what a strange mystery?
I see your purple fist in the scull of the dead
And the shoulder of the wind
Full of sweat,
I see your mouth,
And your bitter joy.

I see 
The sea 
Grows smaller,
And I
Move away
From the invisible coast.

Where does carry us this familiar boat whose slight sound of Oar mingles with the rain?


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