Literature of Iran

Reza Barahani


Reza Barahani (1935)

The Gazelles of the Garden, Jungle and Town, A Night from the Midday, A Catastrophe Beneath the Sun, The Follower on the Expanse of Moon, The Veils and Bounds, Our Big Grief, Esmail, Come Near the Window and the Darling Is Pleasant

Commendation, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Her blossoming beauty must be
In the ancient eastern cities
- In imaginary seats of the caliphates.
It is a lesson of golden government,
Her beauty,
And her dynasty looking tresses is a caliphate in whose length
An army of nightingales
Are resting,
In the nocturnal terror of history,
Sitting like white flowers,
in the margin,
And her hands 
- Which is a token of simplicity -
Is Leila's nocturnal shirt,
And her ears,
Like the hymen of gazelles
And her eyes,
Like a mass of sunrise. 
Her blazing fingers 
Has defined the alphabet of love
Her forefinger attests the gazelles.

I have received expect order from her,
To throw her blazing tresses
On dead sheets
And witness the resurrection of mankind.


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