1140-1230 AD

Great Romantic Poet of Iran

Nizami spent 30 years, composing his "Khamseh" (Five Treasures), of which best-known in "Khosro" and "Shirin".
He, also, composed moral poems.
He dedicated his poems to various rulers, but avoided court life. 
Works exhibit extravagant imagination are highly ornamented.

The first epic of Nizami was "Khosro and Shirin", which relates the love story of King of Persia and beautiful Princess Shirin. Farhad was an eminent sculptor, whose passionate love for the same maiden gave the monarch vexation. To remove him from his court, King required him to hew a channel for a river through the lofty mountain, Bisotoun, and to decorate it with sculpture. He promised also that if Farhad would accomplish this stupendous task, he would receive as his bride the object of his love. The enamored artist accepted the work on his condition. It is related that as he struck the rock, he constantly invoked the name of Shirin.


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