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Nader Nader-pour


Nader Nader-pour (June 6, 1929 - Feb. 19, 2000)

Educated in Tehran and Europe, Nader-pour started his work with translation of poems and material from French. In 1958, he published his “Eyes and Hands” followed by three other books of poems.

Lyrical or otherwise, Nader's poem is rich in metaphor and closely linked to the Persian literature. In later years Nader-pour gave up sentimental poetry and his works had a lot of influence among younger poets. 

The poet is lively in the description of mediocre objects by patching the scattered images into a readable collection.

Eyes and Hands, The Girl of the Goblet, The Poetry of Grapes, The Sun's Surma, Not Plant or Rock but Fire, From Every Angle, The Last Dinner, The False Peace

The Fortune-teller, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
The sun's honeycomb had fallen aside,
The bees of light had abandoned their flight,
From behind the trampled lawn of sky
The fresh red petals of twilight had newly spread.

The old fortune-teller of wind appeared from distance,
The yellow shawl of autumn wrapped around his neck;
That day he was the guest of the street trees,
To hear their secrets from his bright fortune.

Each step he advanced he was greeted by a tree,
Each branch stretched its palm towards him;
He brushed aside all these hands,
Like gypsies, he tuned a strange song.

He sang and sang so much that the evening magpies
Summoned the night from within the trees,
Alarmed of that sound the leaves fell to the ground,
as if a thousand swallows were shot in the air.

Night crossed like a stream over these leaves,
Each leaf was cut like a fist;
Although no image he read in these hands,
The fortune-teller of wind saw the fortune of each leaf.


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