Literature of Iran

Mohammad Zohari


Mohammad Zohari (1926-?)

The Island, The Complaint, Nocturnal Letter, And the End, Fist in the Pocket and Our Old Sage Said

Distant Cavaliers, Translated to English by Manavaz Alexandrian
Our old man and his comrades
Lingered to watch the river.
Suddenly the hubbub of the folk rose louder than the Gurgling river,
From over the bridge,
Men - wearing steel garments -
Were passing.

`Our old man asked:
"Who are these brave people?"

They answered:
"These are cavaliers."
- "Where are they rushing to?"
They replied:
"To the end of the world;
To the realm of pagans
Where the stalk of injustice has grown into a bulky tree."

Our old man said:
"Curses be on their souls; they have deserted the vicinity And march to distant regions."


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