Literature of Iran

Mohammad Mokhtari


Mohammad Mokhtari (1942-1999)

The Hellish Elegies, On the Shoulders of Plateau, Poem 57, Dreaming of Sindbad, Iranian Collections and Inside Make Up

With the Lonely Sun and Farms, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I was born
With my eyes fixed on the sky
And my heart set on earth;
My recollection
To the small stream in the corn field;
I began speaking
To the rock and the tree;
I was alone with the sun and the field
When a scythe fell from the bank
To make me cast away my eye
From all the world
And extinguish
The flames of my wrath.

When they opened my eyes
To the sky and the cloud
They showed me
The wind
And they sung my patience
On the stone arches.
But what hand
The makes the sky revolt against me
And bids the wind
To add to my suffering?

I know and am still plundered.

I have built a bow of snakes and grass
And a horse from mountains
To let the glorious moon
To flaunt 
In their meadow,
But I didn't fall
Suddenly into fire;
And long since
I have fed my bone 
To this fire.

But how late
I have grown attached to the earth
And the sky above,
When hands and corn ears
Are pillaged.

I grow silent:
A handful of dust
On my child's eye.

The breeze glides over the coast
And the sun
- When dark clouds are falling -
Shall shine
On my bone of fear and sin.


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