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Mehdi Akhavan Saless


Mehdi Akhavan Saless, M. Omid (1928-1990)

Mehdi Akhavan-Saless is the second pioneer in novel poetry from the point of view of the age. He was one of the few poets, who become well acquainted with Nima, during his life time. Being deeply devoted to the Khorasani style, Akhavan blended the traditional Khorasani style with modern poetry.

He completed his education in Meshed, in 1983, and he moved to Tehran and started to teach in schools. Because of his political activities, he was jailed in 1954. In 1955, he was released from jail and started his literary career, and for many years, he worked for the state radio and television.

Arghanoun, Winter, From this Avesta, The Hunting Epic, Autumn in Jail, Love Poems and Pale, A Cold Hell, Life Thus Dictates but One Must Live, I Love You My Ancient Land

Dandelion, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Say, from where you are coming,
From where and what news you have brought?
May you bring good tidings!, but
In vain your roam 
Around my roof and door.

Do I don't expect any news,
Neither from a friend, nor from a native district;
Go to such a place where ears and eyes watch you;
Go to such a place where they expect you.
Everything is blind and deaf in my heart,
Stop lurking here where the self is a stranger to is soul;
You who have always brought bad news.
I tell my heart:
"You are false, o you are false,
You are a cheat, you are a cheat.

Dandelion!, o, but ... alas...,
Did you leave with the wind?
I'm speaking to you! Where did you go? o
Is really any news anywhere still?
Has a warm ash still survived
In a hearth - I don't covet a flame - but does a small still exist?

The clouds all over the world
Weep in my heart all the day and night.


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