Literature of Iran

Manouchehr Atashi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Manouchehr Atashi (1933)

Manouchehr Atashi is one of the rare poets of the 60, who has created a special language and diction in modern poetry. Born in the warm southern coastal region and with vivid image of the desert environment and tribal life, his poems are the poems of the fighting horsemen. He combines the coloring of sincere experience with various episodes, which gives a charming tincture to his poems.

After secondary school education in Bushir, Atashi received his BS degree in English literature in Tehran. 

His poetry is the poetry of the revolting warrior of the humiliated southern tribesman. He takes his work seriously and although attached to his native birthplace his poems are universal scope. In his later works Atashi has relaxed his rhythm and has moved toward direct expression of emotion.

The Roots of Night, Another Song, Song of the Earth, Meeting at Dawn, At the End of Beginning and Description of the Red Rose

The Lay of Regret, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
One morning 
- One true morning -
If the sun rises according to your wishes;
A frame of mountain and valley,
A frame of window, if the bird had reaches you -

A wide plain, wet tulips!
A laughing sepal,
A sigh of contentment and peace 
- O you melancholy and persistent one -
O living stone, an embodiment of patience! -
A defeated life would have been your portion.


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