Literature of Iran

Kazem Sadat Eshkevari

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Kazem Sadat Eshkevari (1938)

Born in Eshkevar, a village near Ramsar, north of Iran in Mazandaran province, in 1938, at the green shores of Caspian Sea and surrounded by dense jungles, Kazem Sadat Eshkevari is a poet of nature and a follower of Nima Yushij.

Proficient in French language and a journalist, Eshkevari conducted 10 years of research in the Iranian Department of Anthropology. He has written books and essays on this subject and has translated books from French into Persian.

Well read in the Iranian literature and a constant visitor to his native Guilan Province, Kazem portrays vivid pictures of the landscape with minute details, in a sweet language. His poems are concise, meaningful and blended with imagery. 

On the Other Side of the Landscape, From Early Morning, With the Coastal Sands, Four Seasons, From Streams to the Mirror, Twilight Images and the Air which is Spread

With the Wind..., Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
When he was walking with the wind
In the road
They supported the dry hills
With the curls of sand
And bush brambles.

I sing of earth
With the wandering wind
To the expanse of the desert,
To the springs which do not exist.


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