Literature of Iran

Hamid Mossadeq

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Hamid Mossadeq (1939-1998)

Born in Qomsheh, Isfahan, Hamid Mossadeq received his BS degree in law and become a lawyer. Besides law, He has served as teacher and researcher in various universities. 

Mossadeq is favorite among the youth and lovers of simple poetry in his love poems and social themes.

His love poems are simple, melodramatic and void of exaggerated sensational outbursts, at times describing the charm of a simple darling and at times praising groups of friends. His language is simple and close to the prose and no image in his poems are sophisticated.

The Kavian Banner, Kaveh, Blue, Gray, Black, At the Passage of Wind and... Two Collections, From Separations, Years of Patience, .... Until Liberation and Red Lion

Prelude (Blue, Gray , Black), Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
You laughed at me
And you didn't know
With what trepidation 
I stole the apple
From the neighbor's garden.

The gardener ran after me,
He saw the apple in your hand
And looked at me angrily.

The half eaten apple dropped from your hand on the ground
And you left and still
For many years in my ear 
The clatter of your repeated footsteps
Is bothering me,
And I am thinking,
Lost in meditation,
- Our small house
Didn't possess apple.


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