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Poet: Iran

Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Shirazi, known as Hafiz, the lyric poet was born in Shiraz and died in the same city at the end of 14th century AD.
He turned to learn literature, humanities and Koran, when he was young and became one of the great men of his time in the field of literature.
Hafiz was fond of his own town, Shiraz, because of which he didn't ho any journeys, except to Yazd and Qeshm Island.

His fame, during his life time, reached Azerbaijan, Baqdad and even India. Although Hafiz was a master of ode, couplet and quatrain, short lyric poem, his fame is because of his Ghazals (sonnets). These sonnets are considered the soul of Persian Lyric, which are the manifestation of deep human thoughts represented in beautiful words in a unique poetic form.

Hafiz' fame has gone far beyond the boundaries of Persian speaking countries, for his poems has been translated into several languages and many great scholars had admired him. His collection of poems (Divan Hafiz), containing over 500 sonnets, influenced later Persian, Indian and Turkish poets, and also Westerners as Goethe.
The name of Shiraz is associated with Hafiz. About 64 years after his death, a dome was built over his grave, with a pool in front of it, which was filled with Rokna's water.

Karim Khan Zand had a construction built over the grave of Hafiz, including a hall with four high stone columns. There was a garden in front of this construction. A marble gravestone was put on top of the grave, which is still there.
During 160 years after Zand reign, this construction was repaired several times, by different generous people, until 1936, when thanks to the activities of Ali Asqar Hekmat, the present construction was designed by "Andre Goddard" and built based on the architecture of Zand era.

Some of the Persian mystics and poets were buried net to it. There are a few rooms round the dome indicating the residence of Hafiz during his life time.

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