Ferdowsi's Tomb, Tous Complex

Ferdowsi's Tomb

Ferdowsi's Verses in Persian Calligraphy by: Jamal Abiri





Abol-Qasem Ferdowsi
941-1025 AD

Abulqasem Mansour, Hakim Ferdowsi was born about 941 AD in Tous, Center of Khorasan.

He spent most of his life on "Shah-nameh", one of the world's great epics.

"Shah-nameh" recounts in 60,000 couplets of Iran's legend and history from prehistoric to Arab invasion.

His tomb is also situated in Tous, 30 km south of Meshed, Khorasan. A great Mausoleum was built on his tomb in Pahlavi period.



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