Literature of Iran

Farrokh Tamimi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Farrokh Tamimi (1933)

Born in Neishabour, Khorasan Province, and graduate of English literature from Tehran University, Tamimi started poetry in 1952. From the beginning of his poetry, Tamimi was bold, exact and frugal in words. His later poetry is much bolder and succulent.

The poet's perspective is concise and personal and his allusions are lively. 

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Fare welling Hands, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I saw the fare welling hands,
They were sickly,
When my hand
Touched her cold and long fingers
Which was from the family of the wailing reed
It gripped an eternal grief in its fist;
The pen broke
And pain
Like black drops of ink
dropped on our papery hearts.

I saw the fare welling hands,
They were sickly;
Stranger to love and the benevolent
hand of age......

History has recorded on our papery hearts
By the reed
And each partition of the reed
Complains of the Masnavi of our groans: ...??
The lines in your hands
(these winding roads)
Is familiar to my eye.
Believe me
The lines in your hand
Are more familiar to me than my own lines...
O friend...
They buried us together in the grave
A thousand years ago,
And this is the friendship of centuries and centuries of death.

We saw the fare welling hands,
They were sickly.

It was the hand of age,
it was the hand of the millennium.


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