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Farhad Abedini


Farhad Abedini
Born in Ghouh-chin, Abhar, April 13, 1942

Farhad Abedini started poetry with classic ode. After years of studying Nima Yushij, he turned to Nimaic verse and ended into blank verse.

His main theme is nature, its beauties and movement towards light, so that in his darkest poems one can trace hope and a goal in perspective. Farhad sings of plastic flower instead of natural flower that have defaced the earth and the tragic accident of the dead machine with the mere. 

Abedini observes a sort of inner harmony in his poems and his love of nature makes him hate modern technology of the machine age.

He held leading positions at the Contemporary Poetry Society of Iran.


Migration of Birds/published by the poet/Persian language/21 poems/36 pages/1973
Arena/published by the poet/Persian language/30poets/37 pages/2001
The Green Voice of Oak/Jam Pub./Persian language/39 modern poems, 5 lyrics & 8 quatrains/92 pages/1974
40 Bundles of Silk/selected poems from 4 collections & 7 critics on his works/Darinoush Pub./Persian language/90 poems/174 pages/1992
Rain of Memoir/collection of 54 poems/English & Persian/English translation by Manavz Alexandrian/
Darinoush Pub./144 pages/2000
My Walk Across, My Bridge
/Persian language/Darinoush Pub./Persian language/2003
The Last Call of Phoenix/collection of poems/Persian language/2005
Selection of the Printed Poems/collection of poems/Persian language/2005
A Book of the Poetry and the Poet's Choice of his Poems/collection of poems/Persian language/2005

Literary Periodicals

Farhad is a regular contributor to literary periodicals in the last three decades of 20th century... Some of his works are:
A Chronological Review of Forouq Farrokh-zad's Poetry, Negin Magazine
A Chronological Review of Mohammad Zohari's Poetry, Negin Magazine
A Chronological Review of Sohrab Sepehri, Sohrab Magazine
Spring in Today's Poetry, Analytical review on "Spring Poets" of the contemporary poets, Takapou Magazine, Danesh & Fan Magazine
Analytical Review of Poetry of a Poet (Nima Yushij, Ahmad Shamlou, Akhavan Saless, Forouq Farrokh-zad, Sohrab Sepehri, Manouchehr Sheibani, Manouchehr Neyestani, Fereidoun Moshiri, Nader Nader-pour, Mohammad Zohari, Faramarz Soleimani, Shafie Kadkani, Banafsheh Hejazi... in various periodicals.


His poetry received critical acclaim and praises of many literary critics, poets, translators... as:
Abdol-Ali Dastqeib
Manouchehr Atashi
Faramarz Soleimani
Cyrus Nirou
Mahmoud Motaghedi
Ali Reza Sadafi (Atash)
Banafsheh Hejazi
Mohammad Hariri Akbari
Asadollah Amraee
Hossein Monzavi
Ahmad Kasila
Kayar Abedi

I'm lost, Sir,
haven't you seen me?
I was wearing a stripped dress
with a silk jacket
and a hat which I never put down.
I had a compass
which I carried with me wherever I went.
So far I haven't been lost,
accidentally today
I put down my hat
and forgot my compass.
I can see colorful hats around me
and many paths in front of me.
I have been lost, Sir.
Haven't you seen me?


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