Literature of Iran

Faramarz Soleimani

Poet, Literary commentator and Journalist
by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Faramarz Soleimani (1940)

A poet, literary commentator and journalist, Faramarz Soleimani was born in Sari, at Caspian Sea and surrounded by lush jungles. Faramarz graduated from Tehran University Medical School and he has received expertise education in medical science in the USA.

A child of nature, and a close follower of Nima, his nostalgic poems are deeply personal and close to truth. His lines are flowing and easy and his language impressive and sweet.

Soleimani has edited many magazines in Iran. Presently he is the editor of Moj Book, in Virginia, United States.

Lines and Points, Blue Songs, Silently, Persian Songs, Royais, Through Red Throat of Sohrab, The Sea Sings Nima's Accent, From Nima and the Sea, Passage to Plain, Green - White - Red and Nocturnes of Rock Garden, which have been translated to English and other languages

Vernal Larynx, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
The spring that slides
from the broken lute of the throat
on a support
for a while;
on the rock
its vernal larynx

the lover of the ice flower.


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