Biography by:
Manavaz Alexandrian

Poem is translated by:
Faranak Moshiri, Spring 1998
"Tender as Rain, In Celebration of Fereidoun Moshiri",

Ali Dehbashi

Literature of Iran

Fereidoun Moshiri


Fereidoun Moshiri (1925)

Fereidoun Moshiri is a well-known contemporary poet. Having stuck to classic poetry and by avoiding to much modernism, he has been warmly reception by a public, which is addicted to thousand years old classic poetry. 

Moshiri received his diploma, but he left his academic education unfinished and instead worked with mass circulated magazines, which were ardent supporters of traditional poetry.

Moshiri's poetry is calm, undisturbed and green. He has done much to modernize his poetry and introduce poems without meter and rhyme, which has appealed to the youth.

His style does not differ much with Iranian grand classic poets. It is sentimental, easily worded and understood. 

1. Thirsty of Storm, The Sin of the Sea, Unfounded, The Cloud, The Cloud and the Street, Believe the Spring, From Silence, The Pearl of Kindness, The Rain's Ah and from the Realm of Reconciliation

Let Us Be Human
A dove was nipping seeds,
A weeping willow was dancing,
A sparrow was building a nest,
The sun was watching.

From atop the aspen trees, dawn was returning.
With swallow's merriment, daytime was beginning.

Nature's musicians freely lay on this wide-open grass,
Making music in Dastan and Nava modes.

The meadow was decorated like butterfly wings.
The colorful butterfly, flew here and there, spring.

I've witnessed that in every particle of matter
There's indeed someone's loving soul, someone's bright breath!

This pure and caring soul is blown into all.
This bright breeze pours out of earth's heart
And blows on all.

If eyes are to be about the visible and invisible keen,
They would see the commotion within these scene.

Sun, like a mother, full of kindness, gleams.
Down the sky's pure mirror, light streams.

Earth's heart beats to the same tune as time.
Sound waves of music of growth! O, what joyful chime!

Clouds arrive, full of giving and self-sacrifice.
Bestow their necklaces to the fields of rice!

So that grass may sing refreshed, river cries.
To turn sap into rosewater, water tries!

Soil toils to let seeds sprout!
Wind dances so buds may sing aloud!

Bird sings, so that rock is not alone,
Sun strives to make amber from the stone!

From afar, grapevine steals kisses from the sun, in hundreds.
So that sheaves of grapes may grow, in hundreds!

Cedar helps the newly rising morning glory
Climb up her branches.

Blissful are those who worship sun and earth
For there's only love and kindness, no hostilities, no hatred.

Suddenly, tears well up in my eyes
I choke in my burning chest, ah!

But why they can we not be this way?
Come to our senses and whish to be human.


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