Forouq's Verses in Persian Calligraphy by: Jamal Abiri



Forouq Farokhzad

Iranian Contemporary Modern Poet
1933: Born in Tehran
1946: Kamalolmolk Art High School
Reading a big volume of Persian poems in this period
1947: Started her poems, with sonnets, never published
1950: Married with Parviz Shapour and went to Ahvaz with him
1951: His son, "Kamyar" was born
1952:  Divorced. She chose poem over family and left them behind; she never saw her son again.
Her first poem was published in the "Intellectual" magazine, Tehran.
Collection of poems: "Captive"
1957: Collection of poems: "Wall"
1959: Collection of poems: "Rebellion"
1962: Collection of poems: "Another Birth"
1965: Two films were produced on her life:
UNESCO: 30 minutes
Bernardo Bertologi: 15 minutes
1966, Feb. 13, died in a car accident. 
She was buried in "Zahirodoleh Tomb" in a rainy day.

During these years, she was active in cinema and film-making in "Golestan Film Co.", from 1958, as her job.

1958: Edited "One Fire" film ( a film of Shahrokh Golestan)
1959: Traveled to England to research on "Documentary Film production"
1960: Played in "Suit Ceremony" film, ordered by "National Institute of Canada"
1961: Accompanied with Ibrahim Golestan to produce the third part of "Water & Heat" film.
"One Fire" won gold and bronze medal in "Short Film Festival", Venice, Italy.
Produced "Wave, Coral, Granite" film (35 mm, 40 min), winner of "Special Prize"
1962: Traveled to England
Produced "Keyhan Newspaper" advertising film (1 min)
Traveled to Tabriz, to be prepared for "Leprous" film. She played in this film, but it did not finish. It was on the basis of a novel from "Sadeq Choubak".
Produced a film in 12 days, with two other collagens, "House in Black", by the order of "Leprous Society", in "Bala Baqi Leprous Hostel", Tabriz.
Produced another film for Keyhan Newspaper
1963: Wrote a screen-play on Iranian women life, but never produced it.
"House in Black" won the best film prize in "West Germany Film Festival".
Played in "Six Persons Looking for Writer" play
1964: Accompanied with Ibrahim Golestan to produce "Brick & Mirror" film
Summer, went to Europe, Germany, Italy and France.
1966: Traveled to Italy and attended in "Second Festival Film"
Each bird is to die, by Forouq Farrokhzad; Translated to English by Fanous Bahadr-vand
I feel heart sore
I feel heart sore
I go to divan and touch
The night's stretched skin
with my fingers

The lights of relation are dark
The lights of relation are dark

Nobody will introduce
me to the sun

Nobody will take me 
to the sparrow's feast

Remember the flight
Each bird is to die.
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