Literature of Iran

Esmail Khoi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Esmail Khoi (1938)

Holding a PhD degree in philosophy from the University of London and a native of Meshed, Khorasan Province, Esmail Khoi is a philosophical poet, whose work has been frequently commented in the country.

Khoi, who received his secondary education in Meshed, immigrated abroad after the victory of Islamic Revolution and he is presently teaching or researching in England (2004). The loss of his son was a big shock for the poet and made him more and more despondent.

His focus on art gives special vigor and firmness to his structure. When deeply immersed in literature, Esmail makes a medium for social discourse and philosophical speculation. 

His heavy and artistic poetry has an epic tune, which proves that poets bred in Khorasan, cannot forget their epic ancestors. 

His language is eloquent, ringing and pedantic with well-selected words. 

On the Galloping Stallion of Earth, On the Roof of Whirlwind, Of Those Seafarers, Beyond the Night of the Present, To Sit by the Seashore and Exist, We Who Existed and Slumbering at the Ever Every Morning London

From Forough's Grave, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I'm returning from Forough's grave,

I had never seen
A cloud
Stretch its thousand fragments of grief 
On the strange realm of a lonely folk
So kindly 
And so devotedly.

Should we weep
With the sweetest ode of unity
In a mourning ceremony?

I know death
From a distance.

But how can 
That boundless perfume cease to exist? 

I can't believe
That I am returning from Forough's grave.
As if that mature and warm perfume
Is still blowing from the end of every breeze.

I can't believe.

I can't believe
That this weeping cloud is a lie.


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