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Literature of Iran

Ali Baba-Chahi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Ali Baba-chahi (1942)

Born in Tangestan, near Bushir and beside the briny waters of the Persian Gulf, Ali Baba-chahi received BS degree in literature from Shiraz College of Literature and he worked as a teacher and editor. From 1989 onward, he has been engaged in the compilation of a dictionary of Persian language at the University Publication Center and also edited Adineh monthly magazine's poetic column.

Suspended Without Support, The World and the Woeful Lights, From the Sun's Generation, The Sound of Sand, Who Opened the Cage's Door?, The Gift of the Spring, The Sun Rises from Our Grave, The Lays of Seamen, I Am A Drop of Rain, Untraceable Destinations of the Sea and...

Unless You Return... Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
I am as desirous of your return
As a child,
At a Norouz holiday morning,
Or a swallow
At a spring noontime;
And me,
For the joy of seeing you.
I am so absorbed in your mirror
That the world passes beside me
While I do not turn my head.
In bloody seasons too
One can fall in love.

I envy the lover doves,
Who stretching their wings
Pick up the seed,
And I envy the star and rain
Which kiss you
At your moonlit profile
And I a flower
Which blossoms at your bidding.
In bloody seasons also,
One can fall in love.

Unless you return,
Or arise out of a blossom
Or descend from the sun,
Otherwise day
Is a coffin
Mounted on the shoulders of cloud
Taking us
To unseen horizons;
And love
Is a dying dear,
Which lays its head on the shoulders of the rain.

Come with a body of fire!,
With the manifestation of thunder.

Where I can see you again
Oh illuminating star?!
For without you
I will grow old
Until the time of nocturnal ramble.

As soon as you return,
The stars will fall in love
And youth
Will arrive
With the rain.


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