Literature of Iran

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

by: Manavaz Alexandrian

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi (1940)

A prominent poet in Iran, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi is famous for inventing a novel style and language. His poetry is deep in meaning and far-fetched in quality and workmanship. In fact Ahmad Reza chooses his audience among the elite. 

Born in Kerman, southeast of Iran, Ahmadi received his secondary education in Kerman and diploma in Darol-Fonoun School, Tehran. 

Ahmadi, who has said: "I cannot kill a word for the sake of rhythm; I will kill the rhythm itself," laid the foundation of the New Wave, which had a strong and lasting effect in the free verse. Although the New Wave did not survive, its impact has continued. 

Deeply affected by European formalists, he has an unwavering lyrical gift with a sharp sense of humor. He has left deep influence among the pioneers of Persian poetry such as Shamlou and Forough, as well as younger poets.

The Design, The Glass Newspaper, A Good Time for Catastrophes, I Wept for the Whiteness of the Mere Only, I sit on Earth, Daily Prose, A Thousand Stairs to the Sea, Rhymes were Lost in the Wind, All Those Years, and a Blot of Life on the Wall

Form and Combination, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
Abstract and prostitute words: eternal virgins.

And the meat grinder which turns with the hand of night,
Bloody words pour from its mouth:
The blood of meat, bird, tree,
A horse's blood.

Now night has died in the air trap,
And the meat grinder has stopped;
Words are heaving under the grinder,
And on the word "moon" a green vested ant is seated.

Words died at night
And the dish represented their collection
And the collection is empty of our words.

Morning approached the snow flower
The sun moved aside from behind the snow flower,
All these images were stamped on the snow flower,
The children's image who were far livelier than all the prophets.

And the sadness of the garden thawed the dreams of the Children of snow flower.


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