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Reza Moradi Espili

Iranian Translator, Poet & Writer
Reza Moradi Espili was born in 1973.

His poems have published in Chista (an Iranian literary, artistic and political magazine) from 1996. He translated three books into Persian up to now (2005):

Candid by Voltaire
Socialism, Ernesto Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
Fascism and Big Business by Daniel Guerin, French sociologist

Reza Moradi,
member of CJFE and ex-member of Pen Canada, invited by Writers Congress of Tajikistan for attending in a conference on today's poem and a review on Persian language (Farsi) literary courses. He had a review on Iranian modern poetry and white poetry (that is characteristic of Shamlou poets), from Nima and Shamlou up to 1970s poets. He also had a reading on poems of Shamlou, Nosrat Rahmani and Shams Langroudi and recites his poets there.

Espili that his pen name in English is “Remon”, cooperates with Iranian magazines like: Chista, Kelk (a literary monthly) and Naghd No (”New Critic”, an Iranian political, economic and cultural monthly). He is a member of editorial board and editor of cultural service there.

Furthermore he cooperates with CJFE (Canadian Journalist For Free Expression) continuously.
As Hasan Aqa Nili was shaving his face and thinking about bygone days, he was thinking if his wife had found an especial way to talk with him, he could have done many other things as he turns no hair and both of them could have lived together happily, because Hasan Aqa Nili loved his wife so much.

Then he suddenly thought that while shaving, he should not think of things that makes him confused and would cause him cut his face and the wound leave a mark on his face forever and he looks like murderers. Of course as the reader you might say such a zealous person deserves death and not differs with murderers. But I tell you as an author that Hasan Aqa Nili not only is not a murderer, but even he can not be convinced to kill a mosquito, which has disturbed him and his wife during all night.

So his wife believed he was an inefficient and incapable person and moreover called him spoiled and mummy’s pet. Of the time, which this attribution entered their life, everything demolished. one day the lady noticed that he was crying loudly like a baby, as watching a television documentary, about a genocide, which filmed margraves.

Poor lady wondering and got hiccups in such a paradoxical condition between Hasan Aqa Nili humane and absurdity of crying, while watching homicide just in 21st century. Finally, she clasped him to express sympathy for him, but always later added how extraordinarily spoiled brought up he seems to be. Of course he sometimes changed completely. It means, sometimes as he was reading a book, written by Chekov or Voltaire, or sinking in deep thoughts, he suddenly bursts out laughing and stretches himself out on the sofa, opening his legs bringing them up and he himself, sofa and all the stuff around him starts to shake.

You can guess how terrible events often happened, when he raised his legs habitually; he hits something breakable and smash them. In this tenant condition of Hasan Aqa Nili, they had to wait some month to replace them. This financial problem, in 21st century, is a fatal disaster. In 21st century according to Hasan Aqa Nili’s philosophy – yes! he had a philosophy for himself and whenever he spoke he said “according to my philosophy…”- in principle behaving on the humanist ethics is a kind of foolishness and state of not to know what, everything changes to disaster (you can see what a brilliant philosophy is it).

He had learned this by experience. Every following day more than previous one, he found that people can do everything for improving their lives, especially private improvements and not social, without realizing that they are Machiavellist. It means use every mean for reaching their goal, which is personal betterment. Like his wife that has said in a get-together that she wants to promote and Hasan Aqa Nili obstinates her improvements.

For it, poor Hasan Aqa Nili, they should divorce and added this surely would be the best for both of them. She did not know what calamity was happening to him. She divorced and went and left him with a lot of sorrow and grief and good memories (which are not forgettable) and bad memories (which he has forgotten them) and as she wanted to improve, one day she came and took all books she needed-those were Hasan Aqa Nili’s all wealth.

It is exactly because of these books that he uses the word “Machiavellism”. Hasan Aqa Nili is a knowledgeable person and remembers in one of the intellectual discussions! (Hasan Aqa Nili, his wife and one of their friends). His wife or their friend had said that this sentence is the essence of Machiavelli’s philosophy that “the end justifies the means”.

Then he looked other one meaningfully. When Hasan Aqa Nili saw this scene, immediately he has understood meaning of Machiavelli’s philosophy and owed this to them. Later, when Hasan Aqa Nili saw this world was going to this way of life, he told that: “According to my philosophy Machiavelli is right (and by right he meant real), but his saying is not right (and here by right he meant humanitarian).

His wife, who was always sure about knowing him completely, has snapped at him "it means you are agree with Machiavelli. You mean it is right. It is strange. Up to now, I did not know, I am living with such a guy”. And it was the end, since she had waited this moment for a long time to get rid of him.

And now, Hasan Aqa Nili, whose face is still safe and could not listen to a love song anymore, by seeing many other things in his surrounding, became upset. This is not related that much, thinking if he ignores thoughts that cross his mind, while shaving-no matter how much humanistic they are - for the sake of his beard, which will be blended with water and foam shave, will make a dirty mixture. According to his philosophy, does he have come closer to 21st century type of Machiavellism?
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