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Mohammad Hassan Sojudi

Iranian Translator, Writer and Researcher
Mohammad Hassan Sojudi
Born in Golpayegan (A city in Isfahan), in 1940
Primary Education: Nivan Khomein
High School: Khomein Mahallat Golpayegan Tehran
University: Mass Media Faculty in Tehran. MA in Journalism
High Institute of Radio, Television & Cinema in Tehran, MS in Educational Technology
Southampton College in England, MA in Advanced Literature

 1 The Festival on Disobedience by Sergei Mikhalkov
 2 - The Great Goodness of Life by Le Roy Jones (A Play)
 3 Indira Gandhi letters to young girls and boys of the world
 4 From Pushkin to Sholokhov (Collected Articles in Criticism), with A. Amini
 5 The Green Smell of burned palms (Contemporary African poems), with Gh. Matin
 6 Dinosaurs by Micheal Formann
 7 Iran Revolution by Jonna de Groot
 8 Army and Politics by Jack Wodis
 9 Snow Bird (Collected Short Stories by some contemporary writers of the world)
10 - The Interred Eyes by Miguel Asturias
11 Iron Flood by Alexander Serafimovich
12 Lenin by Krupskaya
13 The Divided House (Collected Short Stories by some contemporary writers of the world)
14 Soweto Children by Roza Elise Enssil
15 - The Island of Rabbits by 
16 From Mother with Love (Collected Short Stories by 16 contemporary women writers of the world)
17 Strangers in The Train (Roman) by Patricia Highsmith

18 - Vietnam Bravery
19 Che Guara

20 In Praising and Blaming of Freedom

Other Literary Works
4 years writing and translating literary subjects for Radio Iran in Kamarbande Sabz Program (1350 54) and one program for Iran Melli TV(1354)

Writing and Translating Stories and Articles in some newspapers and following Periodicals
 1 Magazine of Hemayate Heivanat
 2 Omide Iran
 3 Keyhan (Andishe va Honar pages)
 4 Sokhan (with Khanlari)
 5 - Sahand
 6 Ketabe Jome (with Ahmad Shamlou)
 7 - Aftab
 8 Baran
 9 Ahangar
10 Donyae Sokhan
11 Bidar
12 - Baya

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