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Media Kashi-gar

Iranian Writer, Translator, Poet and Researcher
I was born in Yazd in 1956.

I passed my primary school in France, where my geophysicist father was then passing his doctorate, and finished my secondary school in Razi French School in Tehran.

After studying Architecture for two years at Tehran University and Economics for four years at Melli University (now called "Beheshti University"), I quitted the university and I left my academic education unfinished.

The decision, which I think was the best in my life; because in my view, I owe my interdisciplinary mind and my dislike for viewing the world with specialized one-dimensional eye to that decision.

I started writing from high school; my first translation (1971) was a book for children. Up to 2003, I have translated more than 20 books to Persian. I don't know how many stories, poems and articles I have written or translated for the magazines.

And I had some researches, especially on theatre and poem.
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