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Literature of Iran

Leila Sadeghi

Iranian Story Writer, Editor and Translator
Leila Sadeghi
Born in Tehran
BA in Persian Literature, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran
BA in English Translation, Azad University, Tehran
Books: Short Story






"Forth Person Singular"
Collection of short stories/Hamoun Pub./151 pages/Persian language/
It is a new kind of novel, is consisted of four separated short stories, which at the same time they complete each other, and so organize a novel. In fact, she could give a new idea for writing story, which is omitting the borderlines between short story and novel. The first story is about a person, who is waiting for one never comes.  Later, eating more than enough in the where about, sickened the person, who is then transferred to hospital.
"Make me Time to pass"
Collection of short stories/Niloufar Pub./165 pages/Persian language/
It is a collection of 60 short stories, Totally there are 12 parts like 12 hours in a day (a book), every part divides into 5 interrelated stories, like 5 sections in the face of a watch in one hour.  At the same time, 12 parts symbolically refer to 12 constellation, like: Ram, Taurus, Gemini, … . Using some pictures instead of words is another important point about this book. ‘We must not write the story according to definitions and norms. Every body has his point of view about the world that is his story. Literature, personally, must ignore the rules, as the internal world doesn’t obey the modified rules’, she says. Lingual fiction is a new kind of story, which is the outcome of Sadeghi’s worldview. This kind of story starts from the first word, and continues according to word’s root, connotation and association meaning and so on…

If She is Leila, Who Am I?
Collection of short stories/Avam-sara Pub./70 pages/Persian language/
It is a collection of 11 short stories. The character of all stories calls Leila. The book dedicated to 11, as it has two 1. Symbolically, one refers to an alone person, an ego and also one has unique character.
The grand illusion: “I’m in control!”
Collection of short stories/Avam-sara Pub./80 pages/Persian language/
It is a collection of 60 flash fictions of Mark Stanley Bubien. The very short stories themselves range in topic. Many explore a brief event---a vignette of something unusual, unique and, at times, something even commonplace.  Some stories can be bizarre, while others quite lucid. Some are based on actual events, while others are entirely fictional....
Fleeting moment that may serve as a defining incident or provide an important revelation. It's nearly impossible to tell a whole story in 2 words, 2 words, but it is very possible to imply a story in 2 words!

I (They) get even with them (me) (Short Story)
There drops a milk stain on the carpet in my room. I clean it up with my finger, but it has left a hollow on the carpet pile.

Next morning, I notice a dark spot next to me. Little and large ants have gathered around something. Dispersing them with the spine of a book, I find it to be the same stain dried up.

A while later and the stain turns black again. I blow onto it. Some of the ants keep themselves aloof, some hurry away, and some others hold on to the stain firm. I decide to eradicate them so they no longer come back to the stain.

Any time a group showed up; half were crushed, a quarter lamed, and the rest ran away. There was no end to the ants dying.

As I wake up, I see another group of ants around the invisible stain and even around those sank dead into the pile. I wonder if it’s them or me retaliating. Sure, they’d one day circle around me and t a k e m e a w a y i o t a b y i o t a.

From "Make Me Time to Pass" book; translated to English by Hamed Abdi


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