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Jaafar Modarres-Sadeghi

Iranian Writer, Researcher, Editor and Translator
Jaafar Modarres-Sadeghi
Born in Isfahan, May 1954, living in Tehran since 1972
Studied English literature in the College of Literature and Foreign Languages, and got a Bachelor Degree in 1977

First short story published in "Roudaki" monthly, 1973
First collection of short stories: "Bache-ha Bazi Nemikonand" (Children Are Not Playing), 1977
First novel: "Namayesh" (The Play), 1980
Besides these two first books, he has published four collections of short stories and nine novels. 

Collections of short stories
"Ghesmate Digaran va Dastanhaye Digar" (Others' Fate and Other Stories), 1985
"Davazdah Dastan" (Twelve Stories), 1991
"Kenare Darya, Morakhkhasi va Azadi" (The Seaside, the Leave and the Release), 1998
“Antarafe Khyaban” (The Other Side of the Street), 2002

"Gavkhooni", 1983
"Safare Kasra" (Kasra's Journey), 1989
"Balone Mahta" (Mahta's Balloon), 1989
"Nakoja-Abad" (Nowhere-ville), 1990
"Kalleye Asb" (The Horse's Head), 1991
"Sharike Jorm" (The Accomplice), 1993
"Arze Hal" (A Petition), 1997
"Shah-Kelid" (The Master Key), 1999
“Man Ta Sobh Bidaram” (I’m Staying Up till Dawn), 2004

He has also worked in three other fields: as a journalist, writing book reviews, essays and columns for literary magazines and the literature pages of different newspapers, editing Persian classic masterpieces and translating from English.

"Tarjameye Tafsire Tabari" (Tabari's Commentary on the Qur'an), 1994
"Maghalate Mowlana” (Fihe Ma Fih- Discourses of Mowlana Jalaloddin Rumi), 1994
"Maghalate Shams" (Discourses of Shamsoddin Muhammad Tabrizi), 1994
"Tarikh Systan" (A History of Systan), 1994
"Sirate Rasoulollah" (A Persian Translation of the Life of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq), 1995
"Ajayeb-Nameh" (The Book of the Marvels), 1996
"Ghesehaye Sheikh Eshragh" (Eight Mystic Treatises by Shihaboddin Yahya Sohrewardi ), 1996
"Tarikhe Beihaghi" (Beihaqi's History), 1998
“Hajji-Baba-ye Isfahani”, translated by Mirza Habib of Ispahan, 2000
(A new edition of Mirza Habib of Isfahan's Persian translation of James Morier's "The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Isfahan", based on Mirza Habib's own manuscript)
“Tafsire Atiqe Neishabouri” (Atiq’s Commentary on the Qur’an), 2002
“Sadeghe Hedayate Dastan Nevis” (Sadegh Hedayat, the Short Story Writer), 2002

"Lottery, Chekhov and Other Stories", seven short stories by Shirley Jackson, Anne Tyler, Ann Beattie, John Updike, Raymond Carver, Tobias Wolff & Kazuo Ishiguro, 1992.
Translation of Jaafar Modarres-Sadeghi's Works

"Gavkhooni" has been translated into English
The Marsh [Gavkhooni], a novel by Jafar Modarres-Sadeqi, is translated from Persian by Afkham Darbandi. Introduction by Dick Davis. Mazda Publishers, Costa Mesa, California, 1996

"Kalleye Asb" is also translated into English and is going to be published this year. A chapter of the translation printed in "Pen & Ink" magazine, a literary magazine publishing in Philippine:
"The Horse's Head", by Jafar Modarres-Sadeqi, translated by Mani Haghighi and Carl Wilson. Pen & Ink, Book IV, 1998. pp. 114 -120. 

A movie has been made based on the novel “Gavkhooni”, directed by Behrooz Afkhami, produced by Ali Moallem (2003).

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