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Gholam Hossein Salemi

Iranian Translator & Poet
Gholam Hossein Salemi
Poet, translator and one of the most controversial poets and literary figures of Iran, was born in Khoram-shahr, in the Southern province of Khozistan, in 1944 to family of Shaban Salemi and Farokh.

Salemi began writing verse as an adolescent in literary magazines like Ferdowsi and Khoushe in late sixty 's. He married in 1967 and has two sons, Sorena and Abtin. His wife died at her birthday in 1989. 
The foreboding, violent atmosphere of sixty's and seventy's influenced his works. He constructed a mythic rather than explicitly political framework for this world, using both lyric form and dramatic tone to give voice to the intense struggle between the human and the foes. Perhaps the most famous of his subjects is "Nostalgia" in his poems "Deltangee ha"(Nostalgia). He has several books of verse including"Man of Adventure” and two banned books of poetry of " The Bitter Songs of Diaster and Elegies" that SAVAK, the Security Police of Shah, confiscated them and burned in printing house in 1978.

He has also many acclaimed translations by major writers of the world. Among the many are George Orwell, Graham Green, Yukio Mishima, Dido Soterio, and Anthony Hopkins. Salemi also is an editor and literary adviser for translators and publishers. He is a very authentic figure in literary events and poetry sessions. 
After completing civil service at numerous branches of state owned and nationalized banks, Salemi retired to study more seriously at home and began publishing his poems in literary journals. He is a member of " Iranian writers association”. Salemi is an important and innovative poet of his generation. He devotes his full-time energies to his writing.
Man of Adventures
A collection of Poems/Tehran/Gol Sorkh Pub./1970/Persian language/

Rooz e Shoghal
A translation of “The Day of the Jackal” by Fredrick Forsyth/Tehran/1984/Persian language/

Parvande ye Odessa
A translation of Odessa File by Fredrick Forsyth/Tehran/1984/Persian language/

Ghatar e Estanbul
A translation of The Istanbul train by Graham Green/Ketab-sara Tandis Pub./Tehran/ 1985/Persian language/

Barf Bahari
A translation of Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima/Ghatreh Pub./Tehran/1990/Persian language/

Zaval Fereshteh
A translation of The Dacay of the Angel, by Yukio Mishima/Mahnaz Pub./Tehran/1998 /Persian language/

Bedroud Anatoli
A translation of Farewell Anatolia by Didi Soterio/Ketab-sara Tandis/Tehran/1999 /Persian language/

Azarakhshi Dar Zolmat
A translation of A Flash of Lightening in the dark of night by Dalai Lama/Ketab-sara Tandis/Tehran/2001/Persian language/

Gol Aftabgardan
A translation of Iron Weed by William Kennedy/Negah Pub./Tehran/2004/Persian language/
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