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Farzaneh Aghaei-pour

Iranian Writer & Playwright
In 1985 after 12 years of working as an engineer, Farzaneh quitted her job to spend more time with her two sons. She had become frustrated with social circumstances following the move towards conservatism. This included things such as the increasing suppression of dissenting opinions through interference in various aspects of dissenters' lives and banishing them from their social position.

As an activist and mother, she made the decision to take a break from her employment to stay at home as a full-time homemaker and mother to fully enjoy raising her children.

She was interested in finding out why all of Iran's political movements of the previous 100 years had come under the control of conservatives immediately after gaining power. She astonished how strong roots this trend have &... She devoted her free time to study the history of Iran in order to answer these questions.

She began sharing with her two sons some of the historical stories, and found that they really enjoyed hearing those stories; so naturally, she started writing plays based on the history of Iran. (The astonishment has been already existed.)

The following is a list of Farzaneh Aghaei-pour's published works until 2004:

SATTAR-E-GHARADAGHI (A play about the Constitutional Revolution of Iran in 1906), published at 1991

PARK-E-ATABAK (A play about the disarmament of the militias after the Constitutional Revolution of Iran), published at 1992

YARMOHAMAD KHAN BA CHE KASI MIJANGAD? (A play about a failed movement against conservatism after the Constitutional Revolution of Iran), published at 1995

REZA KHAN DAR YEK NAMAYESH-E-AJIB (A play about how an ordinary man was transformed into a dictator), published at 1999

HONAR VA DAVARI (3 articles and a short play explaining the struggle between the old and the new, and how the new emerges from the heart of the old, in spite of the stiff resistance of the old), published at 1999

KHANEH-YE- SHOMAREH-YE 109-E- KHIABAN-E-KAKH (A play about the coup against Mohamad Mossadeq, the prime minister of Iran in 1953 who tried to nationalize the oil industries), published at 2000

ROSTAM VA ESFANDIAR (A film script based on one of the most famous tragedies of Shah-nameh), published at 2004

She has been working on a novel, which she hopes will be published in 2005.

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