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Poet & Researcher

Roohangiz Karachi


Rouh-anguiz Karachi, Poet & Researcher
She born in Firouz-abad, Fars province, on march 24 , 1954. She studied Persian Literature and received her PhD degree in 1985.The title of her thesis was "A review of the poetry of modern poetesses from the period of Constitution in Iran". In 1987 she joined to department of literature institute for humanities & cultural studies as assistant professor, and now she is associate professor there. She has published six books and more than 40 articles, which are mainly about women and poets.

Her first poems were published in 1970, but her first volume of poetry appeared in 1998, entitled "with woman nightmares". This was soon followed by second collection of poetry  "The earth's cross eyed "(2001). Her poems have published in various magazines and anthologies.

An Enquiry into the Poems of Thoughtful Poetesses during Constitutional Period
Tehran/University of Al-Zahra Pub./1995/180 pages/Persian language/
This studies review of the poetry of modern poetesses from the period of
Constitution in Iran, till the overthrow of Pahlavi's regime.

Forugh, the Sorrowful Rebel (with bibliography)
Tehran/Rahian Andisheh Pub./1997/180 pages/Persian language/
The literary criticism on the life and work of Forugh Farokh-zad, the modern famous poetess in Iran. Out of 80 pages of this book, 112 pages are literary, social and psychological critiques and other pages are bibliography (books and articles written about Frough).

Descriptive Bibliography of Parvin Etesami
Tehran/Ershad Pub./1997/150 pages/Persian language/
It contains summary of critiques and views on Parvin's written in books or other publications and all references.

With Women Nightmares
Collection of 58 poems/ Tehran/Morgh Amin Pub./1998/104 pages/Persian language/
She published her first collection of poetry in free style. She expressed her distressful feelings about social pain through a woman's vision. In her poems, thought impose itself on the poems more than image and form. Her poems are own experience and most of poems focus on fate of women.

The Earth's Cross Eyed
Collection of 33 poems/Tehran/Neghah Sabz Pub./2001/74/Persian language/
This is her second collection of poetry, with short poems in free style. She expresses the social pain and sadness of women's life and moments of fear and anxiety. She consider content more than form. A remarkable feature of her work is the bitterness and most speaks of death and grief.

Faraway Visits
Study of travel literature with Bibliography of Iranian itineraries
Tehran/Chapar Pub./2002/187 Pages/Persian language/
This reference book contain two chapters; the first chapter presented history of Persian travels, kind of itineraries, real and imaginary, style, form and content. The second chapter are bibliography, manuscripts, books, article and all references.

Banou-Goshasp-nameh (Edited & Annotated)
Tehran/Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies Pub./2003/223 pages/Persian language/
This is an epic story about Banou-Gushasp, daughter of Rostam, a well known hero of ancient Iran and Persian epic, Shah-nameh. Unknown poet composed this poetry in eleventh centuries AD. The preface is written about value of this epic story, mythical root, some principles of versification, rhythm, metaphor and…

Parvin Etesami (with descriptive bibliography)
Tehran/Dastan-sara Pub./2004/274 pages/Persian language/
It contents two chapters; first part 79 pages written about life and work of the well known poetess in Iran, Parvin Etesami, and the second part is descriptive bibliography of Parvin and all references.

Forugh Farrokhzad (with bibliography)
Tehran/Dastan-sara Pub./2005/200 pages/Persian language/

Alamtaj Qaem Maqami (Jaleh)
Tehran/Dastan-sara Pub/2005/155 pages/Persian language/
Geography of freedom
The memory of my youth
I take from my photos
Sailing on the words’ storm 
My mind’s heralds
Voyage to dreamland.

From the east of what wrath 
Have we raised … that to us?
Death’s gate is the geography of freedom?

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