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Roja Chamankar


Roja Chamankar
Born in May 19, 1981, Borazjan, Iran
BA in Movies, Art University, Tehran
MA in Dramatic Literature
Thesis: Jacques Prevert in Poetic Realism Movies of France
1- Life and Works of Iranian Poet, Manouchehr Atashi
2- Narrative Analysis Lorca's Poem

The member of Pen Society
The winner of 4th Iranian Today's Poetry Prize (Karnameh), 2005
The winner of Parvin Etesami Prize, 2005

Her first poem were published first in "Shiraz News", when she was only 11. Since then, her poems were published in different Iranian magazine and newspapers as "Kar-Nameh", "Adineh", "Nafeh", "Asreh Panj Shanbeh"...

Critics on her poems were published on "Sharq" newspaper, 2004, in Iran and "Shahr-vand" weekly in Canada, 2004.


You've Gone, Bring Me Some South
Collection of 28 poems/Nim-Negah Pub./2002/60 pages/Persian language
This book was nominated in the seven first books of "Kar-nameh" prize for the best poem of the 2002.

Nine Months Stones
Collection of 28 poems/Saless Pub./2003/73 pages/Persian language
This book was the
inner of 4th Iranian Today's Poetry Prize (Karnameh), 2005.

Escape My Lips from the Roof
Collection of 22 poems/Saless Pub./2005/64 pages/Persian language

Love Poem
I rub collyrium
around my silly eyes
to grow big,
open their mouths
and devour you wholly.
The prophet I created with these hands
is now become a giant devil.

None of us will allow him to paradise, no, 
neither me 
nor the moon
and nor the window to which he had beckoned…

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