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Neda Darzi


1971, Born in October 19, Tehran ,Iran
1986, Started academic painting at girls school of Arts
1991, Started photography
1995, BA in Painting, Azad university
1998, MA in Painting, Art university
1999, Started tapestry
2000, Started pottery & ceramic
2002, Started video installation
2004, Opened Mehr Studio
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1995, Pattern in Iranian metal handicraft (Ancient–Safavid period)
1996, Women's role in Iranian mythology
1998, Visual Characteristic in Persian Miniatures of The Prophets' Tales & Timur's Story
2002, Amesha Sepnta & Kamarikan
2004, Women's role in 5 Iranian women's artworks, A corporation with P. Karimi, USA MIT University

I wish, I were a Child, 2004

To which excuse have I come again?
Like an errant wind, like a burning fire
Like still water, like cold earth 

So where is the essence of being?
What should I learn from?
Who do I break ties with?
What should I love?
I wish, I were a Child
The lonely tree is wishing
Its childish sincerity and purity
Water, clear water
Air, fresh air
Earth, warm earth
Breath, a deep breath for its roots 
Life, a repeatable life
Again my fruits
Will be the fruit of the truth…


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