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Nazanin Nezam Shahidi


Nazanin Nezam Shahidi (1961-2005)
Born in Orumieh
Nazanin is originally from Meshed, but she lived in Tehran.

Turn on the Moon again

Collection of 26 poems/Shiraz/Shiva Pub./1990/Persian language/

It Snows on Tuesday
Collection of 41 poems/Meshed/Nika Pub./1994/74 pages/Persian language/

But, I am Contemporaneous with Winds
Collection of 37 poems/Meshed/Nika Pub./1998/117 pages/Persian language/
Awakening, Translated to English by M. Alexandrian
At last
that which awakened the earth
was the shining hand of October,
and that which helped time roll
was the autumn's branch -
throw away
the remaining contracted pain of summer,
to set aside
the dust accumulated cover,
open again
my eye-lid and that of earth.

I awake,
in front of my eye and earth
a hand
risen from asleep
the blue skin of the windowpane's backside!...

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