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Narges Elikayee

Iranian Poet
Born in Nowshahr, Mazandaran, in 1959

Narges Elikayee started her literary career since early youth and has so far published some books of poems. Selected poems from Elikayee has been translated into English by Manavaz Alexandrian. 

"Patient Phenomenons" is the first volume of Elikayee's poems, which was published in 2000 by Vars Publication Institute. The book contains 53 blank verses. Here the poet expresses herself as a manifestation of lonely person in the machine age. The poet is compelled to pour out her feelings in order to escape from her boiling anger and fear. Her language is allegorical, yet clear and far from sentimentalism. The lines are simple, intimate and reflect deep human thoughts easily conceivable by a variety of audience. The poems flow in manner as if the poet herself is behind her lines and is declaiming her poetry. She speaks instead of us, laughs and weeps instead of us and urges us to be a lover. "Let's be a mother to all the world" is one of her poems in this collection, which better reflects Elikayee's feelings.

"It Turns the World Moving Like A Pendulum" is the second book of poem from Elikayee, which was published in May 2001 by Tehran Seda Publication Institute. The book contains 160 very short poems resembling the hayko. Some poems are highly illuminating and convey deep aesthetic feelings compressed in as few lines as possible. The poet conveys the most profound meanings in satirical vein and introduces various subjects and images. She moves to and fro - from past to presence and from present to past like the pendulum. The miniature poems are much more adaptable to present age which has little time for lengthy material. The poet discovers elements in life that are hidden to our eye. Before this volume Elikayee has published "Patient Phenomenons" and "The Trees of Peace".

"Trees of Peace" was published in autumn 2002 by Omran Publication Institute. This is the third book of poetry from Elikayee. Tress of Peace contains 64 poems in which the poet employs her distinct styles. She proclaims "It is I. It is my look to you, to myself and to this world. Here we come across subjects which although expresses the poet's abstract feelings are capable to becoming collective beliefs and reconcile us in common sympathy. The dramatic and melancholy images reach their peak of excellence in the "The Skeleton of Happiness". These are the pains of all great men who have understood the bitter fate of man and nothing can deviate them from these images. Skeleton of Happiness very much resembles Hedayat's Blind Bat and its melancholy atmosphere reminds us of Kafka's Metamorphosis.
Patient Phenomenon, Collection of Poems
We want a volcanic heart.
Let's cut love
from stones,
let's cause love to blossom 
from fire.
Nobody can cross harmless
from this glowing fire.
Let's be a mother to all the world.
Let's leave love behind.
We will make every wall meaningless.
Because a child is being born
from our hands
who understands love
in all languages.
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