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Masoud Ahmadi

Iranian Poet
Masoud Ahmadi, born in Kerman, in 1943

Former teacher of literature and philosophy
Editor and consultant of "Fekr Emrouz" and "Hamrah" publishers
Former Literature Chef of "Zanan Magazine", "Farhang Tose'eh Magazine"...
Editor and Poem Chef of "Sedayeh Emrouz Page" of "Donyayeh Sokhan Magazine"
Literature Chef of "Negah No Magazine"
Founder of "Nasl Digar Books" of "Fekr Emrouz Publisher" and "Sedayeh Emrouz Books" of "Hamrah Pub."

Collection of Poems
Woman at the Door
Rainy Day
When the Leaves Fall and the Passageway
The Tired Runner
Morning in the Sack
On the Sharp Steep of the Evening
You Must Wait for the Violet
A Couple of Hours of Jasmine's Fragrance

Long Versified Stories for children
24 Hours
Dew and the Dusk

Other Works
Irrelevancies (interviews)
Two Women (interviews with...)
The Endless Street, Translated to English by Mansoureh Vahdati Ahmad-zadeh
The endless street
The vernal rain 
And the dead with no umbrella and with umbrellas in hands

The children that return from
Reading the old Testament 
And the thousand - years - old persons
Returning home with newspapers

On the other side of panes 
On a naked branch 
A canary opens its beak 
So that the cry of raven tears the shirt of evening 
And on this side
Through his loneliness
A deaf child smiles 

The endless street
The vernal rain 
And a night
That comes with hiccup of a drunken man.
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