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Manouchehr Neyestani

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Manouchehr Neyestani (1936)

One of Iran's most plebeian poets, Manouchehr Neyestani is a native of Kerman and he was a secondary school teacher. He often puts his radical social criticism into witty and decidedly nonacademic poems. Many of these sustain their vividness through a portrayal of life in factories, hospitals and even graveyards. In his poetry, Neyestani has consistently tried to get away from the notion of the poem as a sort of display of literary virtues. Where this is accomplished, his poetry grains in simplicity and effectiveness, without appearing stale or trite. The ant privilege tone of his poetry, together with a deep sense of ordinary experience makes him something of a spokesman for proletarian concerns.

An early bloomer, Manouchehr published his first volume of poetry, The Bud, in 1951. Since then, he has published half a dozen books of poetry, translations and children's tales.

Factory, a poetry portray of the estrangement and alienation born and bred in the utterly antipoetic atmosphere of a factory, makes its impact through a series of images that are brought together in simple cadence of language and a straightforward syntax.



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