Mana Aghaee


Mana Aghaee was born in 1973 in Iran. She and her family immigrated to Sweden in 1987. She started writing poetry as a teenager and has been published in numerous Iranian publications. Her translations of Swedish literature into Farsi have also been published. Her first book of poems, If Death Had Your Lips was published in 2003. At the moment she is co-editing an anthology in Farsi of poetry by the new generation of Iranian poets in exile.

Come What May, translated to English by Niloufar Talebi
What can I do about the shortcomings of my limbs?
I have accepted that night is longer than my patience
And the moon farther than the dream of you
I have accepted that thoughts can live outside the body
Roam to a thousand places
I have resigned myself to the roundness of the earth
And that we have incidentally arrived at each other again
I have accepted that the impossible can become conceivable
If time ticked backwards--as it does Before Christ--
I would find the lips of my future 
Lover in your eyes. 
The fact that the mirror is not 
Willing to double your beauty,
The fact that I seem smaller 
Than myself on this side of the desk
Is not gravity's fault
I have accepted that every circle is taut
And that diameter can at best
Only divide circumference
Into two equal parts.

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