Poet, Writer & Researcher

Banafsheh Hejazi


Banafsheh Hejazi
Born in Boroujerd, Iran in 1955


1986: The Dream of Pomegranate (collection of poems)
1987: A Report on Sotoon-zar (novella)
1992: Women According to History (a research on women before Islam)
1993: Iím obliged to deny your love (collection of poems) 
1995/98/99/01/02/03: Children & Young Adultís Literature 
1997: Under the Scarf (a research on women after Islam to the Safavid)
1997: Ask Me Not Why Iím Silent (collection of poems, Persian-English} 
1997: Tara and the Moon (a story for children)
1999: The Escaped Moon in the Shirt (novel)
2000: A Wondering Collection & Twenty Stray Melodies (a collection of poems, Persian- English, with Naser Najafi)
2002: Zaeefe (a research on women in Safavid era)
2002: Circle of Wonder: Biography of Khayam: Scientific & literal
2003: Taj Al Rejal: Rabeíe Adawiye' (Biography of a famous mystic Woman)
2003: Narcissus + Love (novel)
2004: Half-eaten Biscuit (novel)
2004: I Confess (collection of Poems)
2004: Tazkereh Andarooni: Biography and Poems of Iranian poetesses from 13th century to Pahlavi period

Confession (1)
I confess that
the table
the candlestick
and dishes
know not who
was lost in the darkness.
An author
is full of misguided people.
Have you ever seen
a first class hanging:
fall in love with North Sea
or concluded a blank contract
with border metals?
You said the best player
is a statute
which doesn't rot with the passage of years
and often
I have been sealed
in coral texts
between several shadows,
a bunch of keys and a newspaper.

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