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Bahareh Rezai

Iranian Poet
Bahareh Rezai
Bahareh was born in Roudsar, Guilan province, in 1978. She attended primary and secondary in her birthplace for 12 years. She began to write poetry at the age nine. But her serious poems were written at the age fourteen. She enrolled in a creative writing course.

In 1998, she published her poems in Adineh Literary Monthly in Emerging Voices of Poetry. That same year, "Anita, Bride of Four Seasons Silence” her first collection of poetry published by Simrou Pub. The major theme of the collection are love lyric poetry. She was encouraged by her first published experience to pursue an interest in writing poetry; she had developed in her teen and high school. In her career she developed new points of view in poetry and changed her attitudes.

The poet, who was enrolled as a journalist in literary desks of several newspapers and literary journals, came upon a new idea, periodical are not an arena for poet. She describes her belief that it was the writing of poetry that gave her something to work towards and develop and thus enabled her to endure life for as long as she did; thus, she quit journalism. During this time, she had many articles, essays and critics in newspapers.

In 2002, at the age of 24, her second book of poems, "God Has Something New In Store for Me” was a successful writing career in poetry. This book was short listed for 2003 Karnameh Poetry Prize. Her newly adopted view is described in the collection.
Her third book, "Am I To Be Executed by Fire Squad, Just Today?!”, is a satirical new voice in her attitudes toward social and cultural trends in society. The new trends in her poems differ fundamentally in her later work.

Like other "confessional" poets, Bahareh offers the reader an intimate view of the emotional anguish that characterized her life. She made the experience of being a woman a central issue in her poetry. She brings new subjects such as social criticism and black humor into her works. Her skill as a poet transcended the controversy over her subject matter.
Bahareh Rezai lives in Tehran and works as an editor and researcher on literature.

Anita, Bride of Four Seasons Silence
Collection of 62 lyric poems/Simrou Pub./1998/96 pages/Persian language/

God Has Something New In Store for Me
Collection of 19 poems/Nim Negah Pub./2003/52 pages/Persian language/

Am I To Be Executed by Fire Squad, Just Today?!
Collection of 13 poems/Mohaqeq Pub. & Jahan Setorg Pub./2004/40 pages/Persian language/
Summoning Ghosts
Everything started with this simple monologue:
"Is there anybody in this room
who can measure the dimension of my mind
and will know here!
exactly here!
beside the analytical geometry of my mind?
several times I have drawn
the stool with horizontal lines
under the word "Presence"!
No! the rule is no more a suitable device for
I repeat, "Is anybody here in this room
who knows, how much I dream
that I am alive still...?!
with this simple monologue
I have converted all the squares in mind
into cubes I am present here
and my solo tone has tired me...
If anybody is there in this room
please let him shine
over the word "Light"
I am content with an ordinary conversation even.
Is somebody in this room?!
No sound is coming
and morning breaks
on the word "Silence".
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