Ali Asqar Ataollahi

Ali Asqar Ataollahi
Born in Boroujerd
He has two collection of poems, some researches, some translations, while he works as a teacher
His poets is published by Azita Naser Azari (Ebtekar-no Pub.) in Tehran.

The expressive voice! nice and gentle!. .
I'm looking for you
The alley's air
is filled with your "breath".
I come up to you,
with a slow haste.
The alley is lit up in your regard.

A day is meeting us,
With no sunset,
Like your luminosity,
Like my feverish.
I take your hand with a gentle rough.
O' the most intimate of mine!
O' the wonderful architecture!
With my kindness,
I'll protect you from harms.

I desire you.
What a nice and gentle song you have!
The wind is restless of it.
What did you tell to the breeze?
That it has much a good scent.
and causes thousand songs
in the mouth of the flower?

O' "the expressive voice!"
how nice love has settled.
in the rareness of your mouth,
on your teeth rows,
in your hasty breath,
on your shoulders.
I kneel for this happy omen
I admire, admire, admire

Say nothing!
I hear you.
I call you with my soul.
Throw the kiss that you've hidden,
on top of your fingers.
Perhaps your fingers will close my lips
in the time of farewell.

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