Garmsar Kilim

Samples of Varamin Kilims:
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Kilim of Varamin and Garmsar

Kilim: Iran


These two cities are near Tehran; weavers call their hand woven after their cities. Kilim woven by these people, nevertheless of difference in motives, has a style quite similar to hand-woven of other parts of Iran, therefore recognition of location of weaving is rather difficult.

There are specification in kilim of Varamin in connection with its ancestors. Designs are brought to this region, by Turkish weavers of Lorestan. Margins are plain, ending to uniform Fringes with fine borders or edgeless. Selvages are as particulars of Varamin kilim and its numerous warps join together in borders.

Fine methods of Kurd, such as Margins with supplementary wefts to separate a motif or medallion in these hand-woven could be seen. Kilim of Garmsar due to utilizing coarse wool with thickness has a strong texture. Warps are of cotton and like many other Persian kilims they utilize natural wool. Specifications of kilim of
Varamin are:

Ground design: Various, beautiful, attractive.
Size and Feature: Generally large and rectangular.
Materials: Woolen warps, sometimes yarn warps.
Texture: Slit weave with antonym ribbons around the motif.
Colors: Miscellaneous colors like light blue, red, green, light orange.
Fringes: Uniform
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes weft wrapped ornaments.
(Also weave table-cloth, Rukorssi and bag by weft warping)

Ground design: Twill ribbons with lozenge motives.
Margin: Narrow and geometric.
Size and feature: Large and rectangular
Texture: Slit weave, limited use from antonym ribbons around motives
Materials: Woolen or cotton warps
Colors: Dark red, blue, yellow, brown, ivory white.
Fringes: Long and uniform, sometimes twill hairy-weave.
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes and dark red wool.



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