Kilim of Shirvan

Kilim: Iran


Composition of Shirvan Kilims are in two groups:

Kilims without margin and with band like composition: Wider band consist of hexagonal shapes with Saw-Tooth and Stair motifs, that creates lozenge and triangular images. Some of narrow bands have right and left design, and some other are smaller copies of the same lozenge and triangular images of wider bands.

Some specimen of this composition have different sharp end designs at right and left in corners of wider bands; this design is not seen in all wide bands, but it is one of the particularities of these kilims. Some of banded kilims have only medallions and triangle motifs with Saw-Tooth images; some others have stair shape medallions among which a crab like central motif, like to Shahseven (Khamseh) and Bijar hand-woven, is placed.

Another composition have star design, which are woven in rows throughout all of ground. It has narrow margins. 

These two designs have repeated images, so weaver pays more attention to composition of  colors to make kilims more attractive. 

In Shirvan kilims, dark (black) and light colors are used next to each other. Fundamental colors are red and blue to which green, yellow, brown and black colors are adjacent. In this kind of kilims, wool is delicately woven with high quality slit weave.

Design: Lozenge Medallion woven in rows
Margins: Homogenous
Size and feature: Large and rectangular
Materials: Fine wool
Texture: Delicate slit weave with limited use of extra weft
Colors: Red, dark and light blue, green, yellow, brown, black and white
Fringes: Homogenous 
Selvages: Homogenous with outer thicker warps
(Left and right designs are mostly seen in borders.)



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