Samples of Qashqai Kilim:

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Qashqai Kilim

Kilim: Iran


Carpet weaving tradition in Fars is an ancient profession with no clear timing. Kilim weaving is more or less an art of Qashqai and Lor rustic people living in Western part of Fars. The most active centers for weaving, which are also a populated region of Qashqai tribes, are Zakhrouyeh, Jegardan villages, and suburbs of Firuzabad. Qashqai kilims have slit cuts, sometimes utilized with brown natural wool as well as yarn warps; Therefore, Qashqai kilims are in two categories:

A) Kilims with horizontal ribbons: This combination is made by Qashqai tribes of western Iran, which belong to a Turkish origin; this texture is not used by other Qashqai tribes. Ground of kilim has horizontal ribbons and narrow motives with floating hooks. Motives of ribbons are quite similar to motives of Shahseven kilims, which misleads in distinguishing those kilims.

B) Central ground inside the panels: Tulips of panels are exactly like kilims of the first group, inside the ground, there are two or three brick–shaped medallions or a square design. Important specifications of Qashqai woven are:

Ground design: Geometric medallions and scattered motives on the square network designs, motives as horizontal ribbons
Size and texture: Rectangular
Materials: Brown woolen warps, fine woolen wefts, cotton warps.
Color: Various coloring (painting) with rich colors.
Fringes: Knotted, cord or ribbon.
Usually reinforced with supplementary ropes.
(Also weaving hand bags and ornamental items)

In some Qashqai kilims, one color of weft turns around and filament of warp and a weft with different color starts from the adjacent warp. Therefore creates a split between two colors.
Plain, ornament less kilim has only one unicolor filament of weft passing orderly one underneath and one over the warp. In the advanced kinds, the adjacent wefts do not stay under or over one filament of warp, but each weft passes through a separate warp.
In these hand-woven deviation of weft filament results the alteration of quality of weaving.

Images of Qashqai kilims
Featurly image: which consists of various features, regular, irregular and symmetry–like method of featurly carpet.

Plain ground in two kinds: all over plain ground and semi-plain ground.
A) All over plain ground: 1- without corner 2- corner 3-corner-half medallion
B) Semi-plain ground: 1- plain with medallion 2- corner medallion   3- corner medallion-half medallion

Stripped (Moharamat): Horizontal and twill stripped
Horizontals striped: Rend, Shanei and Qaichi
Twill striped: full image and less image

Brick design (Kheshti):
A) Lozenge and brick design which consists of plain, regular and image regular
B) Brick-design fourfold:1-regular 2- irregular 3- plain 4- with images 5- unicolor 6- multi-color

5) Framing
6) Checkered



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