Kilim of Khamseh

Kilim: Iran


This tribe is called also as “Qavam”. Families of this tribe were of ancestry merchants of Qazvin. At present it seems that, Afshars make a clear impression at texture of Khamseh weaving, because people of Khamseh utilize the designs of other regions in kilim weaving, therefore, some of their works looks like hand made of Afshars.

Most kilims of Khamsa are slit or dovetailing double-interlock woven with yarn warps. Some have quite large and white ground, colored with woolen colorful wefts. Specifications are:

Ground design: Various, under influence of adjacent clans
Size and Feature: Small, large rectangle
Materials: Cotton, sometimes woolen wefts
Texture: Slit weave, dovetailing double-interlocks
Colors: Dark and limited
Fringes: Miscellaneous
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes
(Also weaves hand bags and ornamental objects)



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