Sample of Kerman Kilim


Kilim of Kerman

Kilim: Iran


Kerman hand woven are drastically under influence of Afshar, Qashqai and Lor; some designs are unique but inspired from motives of floral leaves of Indian textiles.

There is a special design in Kerman kilim which misleads onlookers to take it as Bakhtiari kilim.

Texture of these kilims are weft wrapped and coarse, utilized with loose curled wool and yarn warps.

Ground design: Horizontal ribbons, three medallions, many designs from adjacent clans
Margins: Arrow like images double-headed, dovetailing, double-interlocks
Size and feature: Various
Materials: Cotton warps, free woolen wefts
Texture: Weft wrapped
Colors: Dark and limited, red and blue
Fringes: Ribbon-haired
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes



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