Picture of 196x121 cm Kilim


Bakhtiari Kilim

Kilim: Iran



Due to combination of this tribe with other clans, Their weavings have been altered in the course of time; Therefore, distinction between Lor’s and Bakhtiari’s hand-made is quite difficult. Most of their kilims and handbags have a daily usage; after wear and tear, new woven replace instead, but fine and precious kinds are reserved in houses and are used in special occasions. Bakhtiari consist of a few groups:

Bakhtiaries of Shushtar
Shushtar kilims are quite different than other Persian Kilims in combination; background consists of medallions with various sizes or a lozenge feature covers the ground with many panels around it, having various width and complicated geometric abnormal designs tending inside. Outer part of panels, a uniform and uni-color weaving could be seen. Looking at Shushtar kilim, one feels that central design is floating on a ground. General specifications are:

Ground Design: Medallion-almond shaped.
Margins: Complex and geometric, with outer panels, having uniform, unicolor weaving
Size and Feature: Long and rectangular
Materials: Woolen coarse warps, woolen wefts, limited usage from thread warps, camel hair
Texture: Very congested and dovetailing, double interlock, hard and strong
Colors: Limited and dark, camel brown, white blue, red, dark rose, yellow
Fringes: Uniform
Selvages: R
einforced with supplementary, spiral ropes
(Weaving hand bags in plenitude with weft wrapping style)

Bakhtiari of Charmahal

Kilim of this region has a contractual panel of designful, wide ribbons around a ground, combined of numerous and various motives. Benefiting a dovetailing method (double interlock) creates vertical direct lines. This method may be seen in all Bakhtiari kilims whether in small decoration of the ground or on the panels. Specifications are:
Ground design: Numerous geometric motives
Margins: Small scattered motives
Size and Feature: Long, rectangular
Materials: Wooly coarse warps, woolen wefts
Texture: Double interlock
Colors: Dark red, yellow, blue, white, brown
Fringes: Uniform
Reinforced with supplementary ropes and spiral designs
(They also, weave hand-bags and ornamental objects.)



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