Superficial Area
Land Surface
North America
South America
Water Surface
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Equatorial Circumference
Meridional Circumference
Equatorial Diameter
Polar Diameter
Equatorial Radius
Polar Radius
Volume of the Earth
Mass, or Weight
Mean Distance from Sun
196,950,000 Sq. miles
57,510,000 Sq. miles
8,500,000 Sq. miles
6,814,000 Sq. miles
3,872,000 Sq. miles
16,990,000 Sq. miles
11,500,000 Sq. miles
2,974,581 Sq. miles
139,440,000 Sq. miles
31,830,000 Sq. miles
63,801,000 Sq. miles
28,356,000 Sq. miles
5,440,000 Sq. miles
24,902 miles
24,860 miles
7,926.677 miles
7,899.988 miles
3,963.34 miles
3,949.99 miles
260,000,000,000 cubic miles
6,592,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons
92,897,416 miles

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