Gabbeh of Qashqai Tribe

Gabbeh is a kind of Knitted weaving, thicker and softer than rug, but with less image. It has longer fluff and more wefts. So weaving gabbeh is simpler than rug and it is less worn out and more durable.

In past, gabbeh weaving was more common than rug weaving, but today some kinds of gabbeh with new motifs are customary. Gabbeh fluff is about 1 to 1.5 cm long, and cover wefts, with coarse knots and thick Fringes. Number of its wales is very low.

Gabbeh needs no actual design and much effort. Weaver could divide images, with thousand of knots.

Images are about nature and his (her) environment and his (her) imaginary, in which he (she) is interested.

Usually gabbeh has 15 to 20 cm margin and monochrome ground. Mostly, it has a simple and initiative image in the middle of gabbeh.

In past gabbeh was woven even thinner than rug, that number of its wales was high and had more wefts. This type of gabbeh had flower, water pool, lion and tree, plain or lozenge and other initiative images.




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