Role of Gabbeh in hand-woven Evolution

Gabbeh of Qashqai Tribe

Dark ages of colonization, droughts, dearth, forced setting, escape of tribesmen from Cossack oppression and import of chemical dyes, not only made this original art not to be developed, but also made many designs and originality of weave to be forgotten.

In the late of 20th century, Qashqai tribesmen had opportunity to innovate, repair, develop and complete their hand-woven. They presented many high value rugs to market, that received so much attention and preserved its original quality, color and designs.

Tribe weavers try to follow past weavers method, as they preserved the originality and were more favorite. They use the same colors and images that mothers had learned from grandmothers.

According to economical crisis, they found that preserving customs is necessary, but not enough and there must be innovation, as well. There is no reason to present a certain pattern from the ancient for centuries.




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