Universal Studios Hollywood

USA: California, LA

Address: Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City, CA 91608, USA (P.O.Box: 8620)
Phones: (818)622-3801; (818)622-3771; (213)626-4455


Want to turn your visit to Southern California into the best vacation ever? Then visit Universal Studios Hollywood. You'll enjoy all the thrills of a world-class Theme Park and actually take part in the magic of movies, stunts and special effects all on the lot of the biggest, busiest movie studio in the world! It's all waiting for you.
Lights, Camera Action
Hop on famous Studio Tour and you will be taken past and through some of the most famous movie and TV locations, sound stages and sets ever filmed. Like the chilling Psycho house and Bates Motel, original sets from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and TV homes of Leave It To Beaver, The Munster and Nancy Drew. Plus show you what it's like to be trapped underground at an Earthquake's epicenter; and who knows, you might even find yourself performing on-stage with Blues Brothers. One could trade wisecracks with Groucho or posing for a snapshot with Chaplin, or even Marilyn.

Movies Come Alive
If you think characters, special effects and stunt shows are thrilling, wait until you try the rides, because Universal Studios is the one Theme Park, where you can ride your favorite action movies. You'll find yourself in the middle of an all-out cyber war on the all-new Terminator 2: 3D attraction, with explosions, laser fire and special effects, that will grab hold of your senses and blow them all away! Fly, dive, loop and scream your way through time in Doc Brown's time machine on Back To The Future...The Ride; and stand up to Backdraft's searing heat. At Universal Studios, you'll take home memories.

The Biggest Name on the Big Screen
At Universal Studios you will be introduced to some of Hollywood's most unforgettable stars. Ageless and timeless faces, like Frankenstein, the Mummy, Wolfman and Dracula. For an even bigger thrill, you will be brought together with the biggest names on the silver screen. Get up close and personal with King Kong or share a bite with 50-foot T-Rex from Jurassic Park-The Ride. At Universal Studios you'll encounter thrills you'll never forget. You're in Hollywood!

Fun for the Whole Family
Universal Studios has thrills and fun for children of all ages, everyone from Babe and Nickelodeon's Rugrats to Rocky & Bullwinkle and Fievel. Even that wild and wacky Woody Woodpecker. They have also got Totally Nickelodeon, where kids can get totally loud and totally slimed.

If you're coming to Southern California, you've got to stop at Universal Studios City Walk, the coolest street in America. It's got all the fun, color and excitement of a street fair, combined with the hottest restaurants, the coolest shops and latest movies in town. Not to mention street musicians and dancers, that'll knock your socks off, architecture you've got to see to believe and a crazy fountain with a mind of its own.


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